Down the Rabbit Hole with Ed Sheeran

So last week after absolutely running out of things I wanted to watch on Netflix and Hulu, I got desperate.Desperate enough to watch Bridget Jones Baby. It was a bit depressing. Made me feel old. Not as old as Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth looked, but still old. Ed Sheeran was in it. I greatly enjoyed his very small role in the movie though.

Skip forward two days to me trying to write a blog post for another Blog…two girls and a trucker, go check it out! I usually listen to music while I’m writing those. I was jamming and an Ed Sheeran song came on. Now before this, I could maybe name like two Ed Sheeran songs. And one of them only because it makes one of my best friends cry. And naturally I know it and have it handy so I can play it and torture cure her. Anyway, once the Ed Sheeran song was on I flipped over to YouTube where the song was playing and watched it for a second. That was all that was necessary. After that I noticed a song called Drunk. I watched that video and it was the end of writing for the blog that night. That video is one of my all time favorite music videos. I mean who doesn’t love a ginger with an amazing voice who obviously LOVES cats. Go watch the video right now, I’ll sit here and wait…..The awesome Cat Video-Drunk-By Ed Sheeran

Was it not amazing? He’s partying with his cat! Swoon! After watching that video YouTube suggested a few more and before I knew it, I was watching Ed Sheeran cover Pony by Ginuwine. It was great. I watched him do several more covers before determining that I wanted all songs to be covered by him. That night I lost several hours to YouTubing videos of Ed Sheeran but I gained a soulmate. I also discovered I knew way more Ed Sheeran songs than I thought, I just had no clue they were by him. I rarely listen to the radio. I’m an audiobook listener and usually only really listen to music anymore as background noise or while dancing around like a fool.

Today I discovered he wrote the song Love Yourself that’s performed by Justin Bieber. I don’t like Justin Bieber as a person (from what I know of him) but I have greatly enjoyed his recent songs. Love Yourself was and kinda still is one of my jams! It just further confirmed….Ed Sheeran is my soulmate. (There was more research done while down the rabbit hole to prove this whole soulmate thing too. His instagram is filled with photos of his cats. He enjoys making ridiculous SnapChat videos for his own amusement. And more.)


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