Weekend Adventure in Antiquing and RPG’ing!

This weekend was amazing. A friend and I planned an all day antiquing adventure for Saturday. We started around 10am and worked our way into several different towns hitting about 8 different antique stores. What did we buy? Good question! I got two antlers and a giant curvy walking stick to use for my DND character’s costume (more on this later), a sweet blood red vintage goblet to use while I play DND, a brass candelabra for some mood lighting, a brass unicorn of amazingness for a friend, and a small cobalt blue birdbath. I went with a friend, lets call her Marsha, who recently discovered her love of all things brass and bookend-sy. So she left with a pair of brass quails, a pair of horse bookends, an amazing blueish-green hued vintage goblet to use while playing DND, and I’m sure there are some other bookends or brass creatures I’ve forgotten. One of my favorite parts of the day was when I would randomly look around at a store to find Marcia holding a brass animal looking at me with a “my husband is going to kill me but I think this brass swan/mouse/boar/duck/is worth it…” face. It happened numerous times and never stopped making me laugh.

There are two types of antiquing people. The people out there looking for serious antiques to collect or display in their home and the people out there looking for history’s rejects. I’m the latter. I love the things you see and instantly think: Why does this exist?!? Who thought this was a good idea? Those items are the ones I want the most. There were so many of those things I found this weekend that I really wanted to purchase. Unfortunately my husband is still getting over my last purchases while antique adventuring with Marsha. I got a titty angel(she’s got her wings but lost her arms. armless or not, she’s clearly a woman. I’m guessing the artist was a man and was like okay, i have a body, head, wings, boobs…what else does a woman have? nope, that’s it! I like to believe she’s a fey fertility statue.) and worm wizard(it’s a worm with a wizard hat. that one was pretty self explanatory.) Someone’s creative/demented pottery is now beautifully displayed on my bookshelf for all to enjoy…except my husband who will always find them strange.

After our antiquing adventure, I ended my night with some other friends. We’ll call them the Questions. I went over to the Question’s House to play a RPG called Fiasco. It’s a great DMless RPG for 2-5 players. I can’t honestly say how long it took us to play but we weren’t worried about that because it was so entertaining. The booklet for the game says it takes 2-3 hours. We played the Nice Southern Town scenario. I played a character called Brandine Nell O’Hara and was freshly divorced from Darlene Jo Ravenel. I was in a thieving business with my buddy Cleetus P. Snugglebottom. Unfortunately Cleetus had a one night stand with my former wife. How dare he!?! Just went you think you have this game figured out….you get sent on a roller coaster ride in the complete opposite direction you thought you were going. This game gives you how your characters are related, what your vague goals are for the game, a location, and a few objects to help you along the way. The rest of the game is discovered when you open your mouth to role-play the scenes. The game is only limited by your own creative abilities. I consider the Questions and myself to be creative people and before long we were laughing so hard we were crying. In the middle of a role-playing scene a vagina was compared to a cup of soup. As soon as the scene ended the friend that said that confessed that it was the first thing that came to her head and she couldn’t think of anything else quickly enough. It was definitely one of the highlights of the game. That and the conspiracy theorist and his hatred for the Methodist and their “methods”. If you’re into RPG games you should definitely check this one out. It’s a good one!

Today has been a day filled with Dungeons and Dragons goodness. A little while ago I started an all female (except for the DM) DND group. We’ve only played a few short campaigns thus far to get familiar with how to play and how to play together. This Tuesday however, we’re starting our first REAL campaign. So my friend Greg came over and we built our Vaginal Valkyrie party. We have an Elf Druid (that’s me!!), Dragonkin Cleric, Gnome Bard, Half-Elf Fighter, Half-Orc Ranger, and a Human Rogue! I am super excited about starting this. In my head I want everyone to show up every Tuesday dressed as their character. It’s no secret, I LOVE dressing up. Any party/gathering/social event that I can give a theme to and require people to dress up in costume, I’m totally doing it. It’s like an opportunity to have multiple Halloweens throughout the year! Who doesn’t want that?!!?

Unfortunately, I don’t think many of the campaign party peeps will be down for this idea. But that’s okay cause I’ll be sitting at the table drinking from my blood red goblet while wearing my cape, antlers, and with my amazing quarterstaff ready to fight foe to win the glory and gold!



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