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Just kidding. I’m nothing like the Brady. I’m not blonde.

Today I’m here to talk to you about slime. Yes, slime. No, not Nickelodeon slime after winning and/or losing on Double Dare. Slime that you can make that’s not quite playdoh but not quite liquid either. Slime that can be colored or textured, sparkly or foamy. Slime has come a long way, baby!

This all started with an Instagram account (@surfslimeco) that I stumbled upon where the girl plays with slime while you watch. It sounds strange, and then you watch and realize how relaxing and mesmerizing it is. And then you get the bright idea to try to make your own slime, because if watching someone else play with slime is relaxing IMAGINE HOW RELAXING MAKING YOUR OWN SLIME WOULD BE!!!!!!


Cut to yesterday afternoon where Becky graciously bought all the slime material and came over to the condo we are temporarily staying in to make slime with me and my boys. The first attempt, following a recipe found online, was a complete bust. It was WAY too much borax and not warm water so it wasn’t dissolved. It was terrible. But the oldest boy seemed to like playing with it nonetheless. It wasn’t “slime” though. It tore too easily and was VERY gritty and just NO. With that failure under our belts we just started eyeing it and making things up as we went along. Becky was successful right away with a very beautiful blue sparkly slime that the youngest eventually took. I failed several more times before making a decent light green/mint sparkly number. And finally, Becky made a perfectly slimey slime that neither one of us liked that much because it was stickier and oozier (is that a word?). You had to keep it moving or it would just slide between your fingers. It was a little disconcerting in feeling.

Biggest advice – DO NOT USE FOOD COLORING!!!! The first batch that had food coloring was leaving marks everywhere. I was able to clean it up easily with some Clorox spray, but still. Not a good idea. Also, purple hands. The sparkles were WAY better at coloring without leaving a mess. Which seems counterintuitive considering that sparkles tend to get everywhere on normal art projects, but not with slime.

All in all, it was a great activity with the kids. And when we were finally successful, it was really fun to mess with the slime – making bubbles and then popping them, hiding little letters and figurines in the slime. However, it was messy and I did get a migraine for which I had to employee rescue meds. Thus, it was not my relaxing dream. It’s far more relaxing watching someone else play with slime that they have painstakingly made. My judgement may be clouded by the fact that I’m still finding small junks of slime around the condo that my kids dropped while running around like mad men. That, and I haven’t attempted to wash out the slime that inexplicibly ended up on my oldest’s shirt, sticking the bottom to the middle of his shirt like he was rocking a 1980s t-shirt clip.


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