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Greg, our Lord and Failure. SEND HELP!

Session three.

Playing tonight we have the lovely yet terrifying virgin Dragonkin Cleric, the knowledge enhanced Half-Elf Fighter, the oh so Human Rogue, the graceful Orc Ranger, the Elf Druid and her trusty baby black panther, Gwenhwyver.

Our DM Greg arrived 20 minutes late. TWENTY MINUTES LATE!!! He really needs to stop taking his sexy time sensual baths before DND. He comes in and is completely unorganized and can’t seem to find our minis. Why? Oh, cause he’s not smart. I thought we already covered this previously? He refused to put all our minis together in a bag during our last session so now we’re going through 98 different bags of minis to search for the ones we are using… Continue reading “Greg, our Lord and Failure. SEND HELP!”


Weekend Adventure in Antiquing and RPG’ing!

This weekend was amazing. A friend and I planned an all day antiquing adventure for Saturday. We started around 10am and worked our way into several different towns hitting about 8 different antique stores. What did we buy? Good question! Continue reading “Weekend Adventure in Antiquing and RPG’ing!”


Down the Rabbit Hole with Ed Sheeran

So last week after absolutely running out of things I wanted to watch on Netflix and Hulu, I got desperate.Desperate enough to watch Bridget Jones Baby. It was a bit depressing. Made me feel old. Not as old as Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth looked, but still old. Ed Sheeran was in it. I greatly enjoyed his very small role in the movie though.

Continue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole with Ed Sheeran”